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Was your show cancelled or postponed? Now is your chance to sing your 11 o'clock number!


Send us a video up to 1 min long of you singing the song you didn't get that chance to perform, and include your name and email address. We'll select people from all over the world as special guests in upcoming episodes!

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Laura Benanti

Kimberly Marable

Victoria Shaw

Luke Islam

Jennifer Blood

Steve Rosen

Carly Gendell

Bonale Fambrini

Chloe A. Bryan

Fabi Aguirre

Grace DeAmicis

Olivia DeAmicis

Sami Bray

Lily Brooks O'Briant

Eleanor Koski

Alyssa Marvin

Ava Ulloa

Swayam Bhatia

Brody Bett

Carly Gold

Jake Miller

Madison Lagares

Catherine Bradley

Caroline Basu

Nick Valle

Kaylin Hedges

Avelina Sanchez

Kaileigh Fiorillo

Audrey Bennett

Jaiden Klein

Lily Tamburo

Anya Jimenez

Madeleine Pace

Alexa Lasanta

Kyla Carter

Makayla Connolly

Alexa Swinton


Maxim Swinton

Ava Swinton

Erich Schuett

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